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Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul,TURKEY

Nowadays; Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey and all over the world, has become an important part of the people’s lives. The fact that people are at peace with their outer appearances provides them to feel happier and more confident. Therefore others notice this light and social mobility increases. Although the main reason shows its effect psychologically, the effect of esthetical touches cannot be ignored.

Cosmetic Surgery operations may be performed depending on many reasons at the present time. In order to provide renewal and improvement in the outer appearance, some health problems may be intervened with plastic surgeries as they are preferred. You can achieve the points, which are intervened by the Plastic Surgeons with cosmetic surgery operations, in the article below. Plastic and Cosmetic surgery operations are performed by Plastic Surgeons or as a public phrase by the esthetic doctors.

Plastic surgery operations are applications in which the health of a person is evaluated together with the esthetic appearance as a whole as well as the dramatic effect it provides in the outer appearances of people.

Considering the Rhinoplasty operations, while outer appearance of the nose is made proportional to face in these operations, also some health problems such as; inhalation problem, deviation observed in the nose may be treated.   These operations called as rhinoplasty are esthetic operations frequently performed by the plastic surgeons.

Another example is mammoplasty operations. They involve breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lifting operations. Breast has a complementary role to feel as a woman for the females. The fact that the breast is smaller or bigger than it is required makes the women feel uncomfortable and makes the adaptation to social life difficult. The breast with a small view may cause psychological problems both physically and spiritually for the women. A person feels uncomfortable if she is unable to wear the clothes nicely and tries to camouflage in the society.

People with asymmetric appearance cannot comfortably wear swimwear and bikini. All of these bodily views may cause psychological breakdown. Breast augmentation operations may be one of the solutions for all these problems. Mammoplasty operations are the operations performed the most by the Plastic Surgeons in Turkey as well as the Liposuction operations.

A large breast may cause back pain, hump appearance, drooping due to the weight and allergic reactions in the regions of under-breast due to airlessness. Breast reduction operations concomitantly eliminate the health problems observed due to breast size apart from serious positive effect to the esthetic appearance. The women will have a more fit and healthy appearance as the hump, pains and redness disappear. As a result, it enables them to enjoy life and take new steps in their social relations.

In the abdomen lifting operations, drooping in the abdominal muscles observed depending on the deformations in the post-natal period and due to excessive weight gaining and losing in the abdomen region is removed with these operations. After firming of the abdominal muscles, they may enable females and males to have thinner and healthier appearances indirectly by providing them to eat less.

Again, excessive fat deposition especially in the waist and abdomen regions reveals the increasing risks as indications of some cardiac and metabolic disorders. Decreasing the fat rate in these regions with Laser Liposuction, Vaser Liposuction and Laser Lipolysis operations may also have important effects for the body health. (Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey)

Facial aesthetic operations are plastic surgery methods to be preferred for the people, who are uncomfortable for some deformations observed especially depending on the ageing. They involve operations such as; facial lifting, neck lift, Endoscopic Eyebrow lifting, Eyelid operations, Rhinoplasty operations. Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Ercan Demiray performs comprehensive examinations related to the plastic surgery applications in his clinic located in Bağdat Avenue in Istanbul, Turkey.

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